Preprints 2019

  • Krylov-type methods exploiting the quadratic numerical range

    Frommer, A. and Jacob, B. and Kahl, K. and Wyss, C. and Zwaan, I.

    Preprint: imacm_19_45download
  • Block Krylov subspace methods for functions of matrices II: modified block FOM

    Frommer, A. and Lund, K. and Szyld, D.B.

    Preprint: imacm_19_44download
  • Computing enclosures for the matrix exponential

    Frommer, A. and Hashemi, B.

    Preprint: imacm_19_43download
  • Cross product-free matrix pencils for computing generalized singular values

    Zwaan, I.

    Preprint: imacm_19_42download
  • Constrained Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithms for gauge-Higgs models

    Günther, M. and Höllwieser, R. and Knechtli, K.

    Preprint: imacm_19_41download
  • Automated Local Fourier Analysis (aLFA)

    Kahl, K. and Kintscher, N.

    Preprint: imacm_19_40download
  • MetaFusion: Controlled False-Negative Reduction of Minority Classes in Semantic Segmentation

    Chan, R. and Rottman, M. and Hüger, F. and Schlicht, P. and Gottschalk, H.

    Preprint: imacm_19_39download
  • Extrapolation of operator-valued multiplication operators

    Budde, Ch. and Heymann, R.

    Preprint: imacm_19_38download
  • Detection of False Positive and False Negative Samples in Semantic Segmentation

    Rottmann, M. and Maag, K. and Chan, R. and Hüger, F. and Schlicht, P. and Gottschalk, H.

    Preprint: imacm_19_37download
  • Stability radius for infinite-dimensional interconnected systems

    Jacob, B. and Möller, S. and Wyss, Ch.

    Preprint: imacm_19_36download
  • Decision Space Robustness for Multi-Objective Integer Linear Programming

    Stiglmayr, M. and Figueira, J.R. and Klamroth, K. and Paquete, L. and Schulze, B.

    Preprint: imacm_19_35download
  • Layout problems with reachability constraint

    Stiglmayr, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_34download
  • Multirate Implicit Euler Schemes for a Class of Differential-Algebraic Equations of Index-1

    Hachtel, Ch. and Bartel, A. and Günther, M. and Sandu, A.

    Preprint: imacm_19_33download
  • Inter/extrapolation-based multirate schemes — a dynamic-iteration perspective

    Bartel, A. and Günther, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_32download
  • Geometric Integration on Lie Groups using the Cayley Transform with focus on Lattice QCD

    Wandelt, M. and Günther, M. and Muniz, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_31download
  • Wide-angle mode parabolic equations for the problems of underwater acoustics and their numerical solution on unbounded domains

    Petrov, P.S. and Ehrhardt, M. and Tyshchenko, A.G. and Petrov, P.N.

    Preprint: imacm_19_30download
  • Time-Dynamic Estimates of the Reliability of Deep Semantic Segmentation Networks

    Maag, K., and Rottmann, M., and Gottschalk, H.

    Preprint: imacm_19_29download
  • Multistep schemes for solving backward stochastic differential equations on GPU

    Kapllani, L., and Teng, L.

    Preprint: imacm_19_28download
  • Relativistic Lattice Boltzmann Methods: Theory and Applications

    Gabbana, A. and Simeoni, D. and Succi, S., and Tripiccione, R.

    Preprint: imacm_19_27download
  • Gradient Based Biobjective Shape Optimization to Improve Reliability and Cost of Ceramic Components

    Doganay, O.T., and Gottschalk, H. and Hahn, C. and Klamroth, K. and Schultes, J. and Stiglmayr M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_26download
  • The Ethical Dilemma when (not) Setting up Cost-based Decision Rules in Semantic Segmentation

    Chan, R. and Rottmann M., Dardashti, R. and Hüger, F., and Schlicht P, and Gottschalk, H.

    Preprint: imacm_19_25download
  • Elliptical and Archimedean copula models: an application to the price estimation of portfolio credit derivatives

    Umeorah, N. and Mashele, P. and Ehrhardt, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_24download
  • SIR-based Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases with Vaccination and Waning Immunity

    Ehrhardt, M. and Gašper, J. and Kilianová, S.

    Preprint: imacm_19_23download
  • On “Optimal" h-Independent Convergence of Parareal and MGRIT using Runge-Kutta Time Integration

    Friedhoff, S., and Southworth, B.S.

    Preprint: imacm_19_22download
  • Multigrid-reduction-in-time for Eddy Current Problems

    Friedhoff, S. and Hahne, J. and Schöps, S.

    Preprint: imacm_19_21download
  • A Multistep Scheme to solve Backward Stochastic Differential Equations for Option Pricing on GPUs

    Kapllani, L., and Teng, L., and Ehrhardt, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_20download
  • Compartment Models for Vaccine Effectiveness and non-specific Effects for Tuberculosis

    Treibert, S. and Brunner, H. and Ehrhardt, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_19download
  • Ergodicity of affine processes on the cone of symmetric positive semidefinite matrices

    Friesen, M. and Jin, P. and Kremer, J. and Rüdiger, B.

    Preprint: imacm_19_18download
  • Valuation of basket credit default swaps under stochastic default intensity models

    Umeorah, N. and Ehrhardt, M. and Mashele, P.

    Preprint: imacm_19_17download
  • Relativistic dissipation obeys Chapman-Enskog asymptotics: analytical and numerical evidence as a basis for accurate kinetic simulations

    Gabbana, A. and Simeoni, D. and Succi S. and Tripiccione, R.

    Preprint: imacm_19_16download
  • Wide-angle mode parabolic equation with transparent boundary conditions and its applications in shallow water acoustics

    Tyshchenko, A.G. and Petrov, P.S. and Ehrhardt, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_15download
  • Accelerated implementation of the ADI schemes for the Heston model with stochastic correlation

    Teng, T. and Clevenhaus, A.

    Preprint: imacm_19_14download
  • Bi-Continuous Semigroups for Flows in Infinite Networks

    Budde, Ch. and Kramar Fijavž, M.K.

    Preprint: imacm_19_13download
  • Multirate Schemes — An Answer of Numerical Analysis to a Demand from Applications

    Bartel, A., and Günther, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_12download
  • Convergence analysis for parallel-in-time solution of hyperbolic systems

    De Sterck, H., and Friedhoff, S. and Howse, A.J.H, and MacLachlan, S.P.

    Preprint: imacm_19_11download
  • Aerodynamic Impact of Manufacturing Variation on a Nonaxisymmetric Multi-Passage Turbine Stage with Adjoint CFD

    Liefke, A. and Marciniak, V. and Backhaus, J. and Frey, C. and Gottschalk, H. and Janoske, U.

    Preprint: imacm_19_10download
  • Mathematical Modeling of anSIR-based infectious disease model with vaccination and waning immunity

    Ehrhardt, M. and Gašper, J. and Kilianová, S.

    Preprint: imacm_19_09download
  • On exact controllability of infinite-dimensional linear port-Hamiltonian systems

    Jacob, B. and Kaiser, J.T.

    Preprint: imacm_19_08download
  • Long-time behavior of measure-valued branching processes with immigration

    Friesen, M.

    Preprint: imacm_19_07download
  • Application of Decision Rules for Handling Class Imbalance in Semantic Segmentation

    Chan, R., and Rottmann, M., and Hüger, F., and Schlicht, P., and Gottschalk, H.

    Preprint: imacm_19_06download
  • Transparent nonlinear networks

    Yusupov, J.R., and Sabirov, K.K., and Ehrhardt, M. and Matrasulov, D.U.

    Preprint: imacm_19_05download
  • Exponential ergodicity for stochastic equations of nonnegative processes with jumps

    Friesen, M., and Jin, P., and Kremer, J., and Rüdiger, B.

    Preprint: imacm_19_04download
  • Boundary behavior of multi-type continuous-state branching processes with immigration

    Friesen, M., and Jin, P., and Rüdiger, B.

    Preprint: imacm_19_03download

    Jacob, B., and Lassri, H.

    Preprint: imacm_19_02download
  • Stochastic equation and exponential ergodicity in Wasserstein distances for affine processes

    Friesen, M., and Jin, P., and Rüdiger, B.

    Preprint: imacm_19_01download

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