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Preprints 2021

  • Reduced Order Multirate Schemes for Coupled Differential-Algebraic Systems

    Bannenberg, M.W.F.M. and Ciccazzo, A. and Günther, M.

    Preprint: imacm_21_04 download
  • Higher Strong Order Methodsfor Itô SDEs on Matrix Lie Groups

    Muniz, M. and Ehrhardt, M. and Günther, M. and Winkler, R.

    Preprint: imacm_21_03 download
  • Enhanced fifth order WENO Shock-Capturing Schemes with Deep Learning

    Kossaczka, T. and Ehrhardt, M. and Günther, M.

    Preprint: imacm_21_02 download
  • Asymmetry in stochastic volatility models with threshold and time-dependent correlation

    Schäfers, T. and Teng, L.

    Preprint: imacm_21_01 download
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