Network Simulation for Pedestrian Flows With HyDEFS

10.03.2020|09:30 Uhr|Michael Stiglmayr

Reliable simulation of pedestrian movement is essential for security aware design of buildings and infrastructure. Routing decisions of users significantly influence the effectiveness of a pedestrian infrastructure. However, the modelling of path selection is due to uncertainty and can even in evacuation scenarios not be completely controlled. HyDEFS is an event-driven dynamic flow simulation software which is designed to simulate pedestrian movement depending on varying routing decisions of the individual users and varying constraints. HyDEFS uses given density depending velocities to model congestions and evaluates flow distributions with respect to average and maximum travel time.

We consider in this article rather simple scenarios such that the simulation results can be validated analytically. On a small network the discrete and the time-continuous calculation yield almost the same optimal solutions (minimizing
average evacuation time and maximal evacuation time, respectively) as the simulation with HyDEFS.

Klamroth, K., Lang, B., Seyfried, A., & Stiglmayr, M. (2020). Network Simulation for Pedestrian Flows with HyDEFS. Collective Dynamics, 5, 1-16. doi:

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