Workshop: Beyond the Discrete

03.06.2019|12:03 Uhr|Matthias Bolten

The application of state-of-the-art iterative methods from numerical linear algebra, including Krylov subspace methods, has enabled the fast and efficient solution of a range of problems from crucial real-world applications. The underlying linear system generally arises discretization of a continuous problem. Recently, some authors approached Krylov subspace methods directly from a continuum perspective. They reconsidered what the role and interpretation of the preconditioner is and its relationship to the scalar product, with respect to the underlying continuum problem and physics. The aim of this workshop was to bring together scientists working on this and related subjects. The workshop was held at Trinity College Dublin from June 3rd to 7th and co-organized by Matthias Bolten together with Stefan Güttel (U Manchester), Roland Herzog (TU Chemnitz), John Pearson (U Edinburgh), Jennifer Pestana (U Strathclyde), and Kirk M. Soodhalter (Trinity College Dublin).

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