Two new EU doctoral training networks

02.04.2022|11:26 Uhr

IMACM's participation in two new EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie doctoral networks will bring four international Ph.D. students to Wuppertal in 2023.

EU has just released the successful applications within its Marie Sklodowska-Curie doctoral networks program. IMACM will be involved in two of those:

  • The ModConFlex ("modelling and control of flexible structures interacting with fluids") is a consortium wth universities from France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands and the UK together with induisrial partners with expertise in control theory, artificial intelligence, complex dynamical systems, distributed parameter systems, fluid dynamics, aeroelasticity, power electronics, power systems, swimming theory and marine engineering. The aim is to train the next generation of researchers on the modelling and control of flexible structures interacting with fluids (water and air), contributing to the latest advances in control theory, artificial intelligence and energy-based modelling. Main applications are in the control of floating wind turbines (the prime renewable energy source of the future), and in the control of highly flexible aircrafts. IMACM is involed in this project via the Functional Analysis group. More:
  • AQTIVATE ("advanced computing, quantum algorIthms and data-driven approaches for science, technology and engineering")  is a network between  universities in Cyprus, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden.  It will deliver an interdisciplinary training program for fifteen fellows who will learn to utilise high performance computing, develop scalable algorithms and machine learning approaches, and explore quantum computing for research projects from physics, engineering and biology. AQTIVATE responds to the advancements and investments in supercomputing infrastructure and quantum computing systems and the need for developing new algorithms and software, delivering the much needed human capital that is essential to ensure Europe’s leadership in exploiting digital technologies for research and innovation. IMACM is involed in this project via the Applied Computer Science group. More:

We are looking forward to host two international Ph.D. students in each of the two projectss, starting in Wuppertal in autumn 2023. 

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