Trento 2022 winter school on stochastic processes, analysis and semigroups

11.01.2023|09:43 Uhr

Together with colleagues Luigi Amedeo Bianchi and Stefano Bonaccorsi, both from the University of Trento, and Martin Friesen (Dublin City University, formerly Wuppertal), IMACM member Barbara Rüdiger organized this winter school. It was funded by the Italian Dipartimento di Eccellenza project.

The school took place from December 12-16 in Trento. It featured four minicourses for the students as well as additional short talks and posters. The minicourse  "Entropy inequalities and Wasserstein metric" was taught by IMACM member Peter Kuchling, the minicourse  "Filtering theory" by Pani Fernando, currently guest lecturer in Wuppertal. The winter school is the second in a series which began in Trento in  September 2021.


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