Trento 2021 summer school on stochastic processes, analysis and semigroups

15.09.2021|09:43 Uhr

IMACM and the department of Mathematics at the University of Trento joint forces to organize a summer school on stochastic processes, analysis and semigroups in Trento, Italy, from August 30 to September 3, 2021. It attracted about 20 Master and PhD students from all over the world.

The school was organized by Barbara Rüdiger, Martin Friesen and Baris Ugurcan from the Stochastics group, Balit Farkas from the Functional Analysis group (all from IMACM) as well as  Luigi Amedeo Bianchi and Stefano Bonaccorsi from the University of Trento. The school was funded by the Department of Mathematics, University of Trento, within the Dipartimento di Eccellenza project.

The summer school featured for minicourses "Introduction to the Large Deviations Theory" by Mariem Abdellatif and Peter Kuchling,  "Asymptotics and ergodic properties of operator semigroups" by Balint Farkas,  "SPDEs with multiple limiting distributions" by Martin Friesen and Barbara Rüdiger, and  "Singular stochastic PDEs and renormalization of Anderson Hamiltonian" by Baris Ugurcan.

The school took place in a hybrid format, allowing for virtual attendance and attendance in presence. 


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