Kirsten Morris from University of Waterloo visiting in May 2023

19.05.2023|20:33 Uhr

Prof. Kirsten Morris is in Wuppertal upon invitation of functional analysis group. Her research interests are control and estimation of systems modelled by partial differential equations, as well as port-Hamiltonian systems. On Wednesday, March 24, 2023 she will give a talk on "Exponential Decay Rate of Port-Hamiltonian Systems: Theory and Approximation".

Prof. Kirsten Morris  is author of the  books ``Controller Design for Distributed Parameter Systems” and   "Introduction to Feedback Control", and editor of the book  “Control of Flexible Structures”.  She is  a professor in  the Applied Mathematics Department at the University of Waterloo and a Faculty of Mathematics Research Chair.  She has held visiting positions at ICASE (NASA Langley), the Fields Institute, the Institute for Mathematics & Applications, and the Institut de Mathematiques in Bordeaux. Prof. Morris served as a vice-president of  the  IEEE Control System Society from 2013-2016, vice-chair of the SIAM Control & Systems Theory group 2016-2017 and chair 2018-2019. She was an associate editor with the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control  and is currently an associate editor for SIAM Journal on Control & Optimization ; associate editor for Asian Journal of Control;  honorary editor for Mathematics of Control, Signals & Systems; and a member of the editorial board of the  SIAM  book series Advances in Design & Control. Prof. Morris is  Fellow of  IEEE, IFAC and SIAM and  received the  2020 IEEE  Control Systems Society Distinguished Member Award.

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