Conference: Recent developments in stochastics with applications in mathematical physics and finance

01.05.2021|09:00 Uhr|Barbara Rüdiger

October 4–8, 2021
Hammamet, Tunisia

The aim of the conference is to compare and contrast various stochastic methods from mathematical physics and financial mathematics with focus on Stochastic analysis, Kinetic theory, Numerical solutions of stochastic differential equations, Infinite dimensional analysis and White noise theory, Optimal transport and control. Our main objective is to provide a forum where researchers and students can discuss, compare mathematical methods in these fields with the aim of establishing new collaborations.
Organizers: Gulia Di Nunno (Oslo University), Martin Friesen (Dublin City University), Habib Ouerdiane (Tunis El Manar University), Barbara Rüdiger (University of Wuppertal), Baris Evren Ugurcan (University of Wuppertal)

Scientific Committee: Sergio Albeverio (Bonn University, HCM), Gulia Di Nunno (Oslo University), Nicole El Karoui (Ecole Polytechnique), Martin Friesen (Dublin City University), Yuri Kondratiev (Bielefeld University), Berndt Oksendal (Oslo University), Habib Ouerdiane (Tunis El Manar University), Michael Röckner (Bielefeld University), Barbara Rüdiger (University of Wuppertal), Nizar Touzi (Ecole Polytechnique)

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