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Preprints 2020

  • Towards a more robust algorithm for computing the restricted singular value decomposition

    Zwaan, I.N.

    Preprint: imacm_20_03download
  • GivEn – Shape Optimization for Gas Turbines in Volatile Energy Networks

    Backhaus, J. and Bolten, M. and Doganay, O.T., and Ehrhardt, M. and Engel, B. and Frey, Ch. and Gottschalk, H. and Günther, M. and Hahn, C., Jaschke, J., and Jaksch, P. and Klamroth, K. and Liefke, A. and Luft, D. Mäde, L. and Marciniak, V. and Reese, M. and Schultes, J. and Schulz, V. and Schmitz, S. and Steiner, J. and Stiglmayr, M.

    Preprint: imacm_20_02download
  • Effective Stochastic Volatility: Applications to ZABR-type Models

    Felpel, M., and Kienitz, J. and McWalter, Th. A.

    Preprint: imacm_20_01download
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