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Preprints 2020

  • Linearly implicit GARK schemes

    Sandu, A. and Günther, M. and Roberts, S.

    Preprint: imacm_20_27 download
  • Beyond moments: relativistic Lattice-Boltzmann methods for radiative transport in computational astrophysics

    Weih, L.R., and Gabbana, A., and Simeoni, D., and Rezzolla, L. and Succi, S. and Tripiccione, R.

    Preprint: imacm_20_26download
  • Probing bulk viscosity in relativistic flows

    Gabbana, A., and Simeoni, D., and Succi, S. and Tripiccione, R.

    Preprint: imacm_20_25download
  • Dissipative hydrodynamics of relativistic shock waves in a Quark Gluon Plasma: comparing and benchmarking alternate numerical methods

    Gabbana, A. and Plumari, S., and Galesi, G. and Greco, V. and Simeoni, D., and Succi, S. and Tripiccione, R.

    Preprint: imacm_20_24download
  • Detection and Retrieval of Out-of-Distribution Objects in Semantic Segmentation

    Oberdiek, P. and Rottmann, M., and Fink, G.A.

    Preprint: imacm_20_23download
  • Coupling of Model Order Reduction and Multirate Techniques for Coupled Dynamical Systems

    Bannenberg, M.W.F.M., Ciccazzo, A., Günther, M.

    Preprint: imacm_20_22download
  • Pricing Basket Default Swaps Using Quasi-Analytic Techniques

    Umeorah, N. and Mashele P. and Ehrhardt, M.

    Preprint: imacm_20_21download
  • On uniqueness and stability for the Boltzmann-Enskog equation

    Friesen, M., Rüdiger, B., Sundar, P.

    Preprint: imacm_20_20download
  • Input-to-state stability of unbounded bilinear control systems

    Hosfeld, R. and Jacob, B. and Schwenninger, F.

    Preprint: imacm_20_19download
  • Pseudospectrum enclosures by discretization

    Frommer, A. and Jacob, B. and Vorberg, L. and Wyss, C. and Zwaan, I.

    Preprint: imacm_20_18download
  • An Analytical Study in Multi Physics and Multi Criteria Shape Optimization

    Gottschalk, H. and Reese, M.

    Preprint: imacm_20_17download
  • Relative compactness of orbits and geometry of Banach spaces

    Farkas, B. and Kreidler, H

    Preprint: imacm_20_16download
  • A multigrid accelerated eigensolver for the Hermitian Wilson-Dirac operator in lattice QCD

    Frommer, A. and Kahl, K. and Knechtli, F. and Rottmann, M. and Strebel, A. and Zwaan, I.

    Preprint: imacm_20_15download
  • On the decomposition of the fundamental solution of the Helmholtz equation via solutions of iterative parabolic equations

    Petrov, P. and Ehrhardt, M.

    Preprint: imacm_20_14download
  • Spontaneous wave formation in stochastic self-driven particle systems

    Friesen, M., and Gottschalk, H. and Rüdiger, B. and Tordeux, A.

    Preprint: imacm_20_13download
  • Remarks on input-to-state stability of collocated systems with saturated feedback

    Jacob, B. and Schwenninger F. and Vorberg, L.

    Preprint: imacm_20_12download
  • Operator splitting for abstract Cauchy problems with dynamical boundary condition

    Csomos, P and Ehrhardt M, and Farkas, B.

    Preprint: imacm_20_11download
  • Tracing locally Pareto optimal points by numerical integration

    Bolten, M. and Doganay, O.T. and Gottschalk, H. and Klamroth, K.

    Preprint: imacm_20_10download

    Liefke, A. and Jaksch, P. and Schmitz, S. and Marciniak, V. and Janoske, U. and Gottschalk, H.

    Preprint: imacm_20_09download
  • Coarsening in Algebraic Multigrid using Gaussian Processes

    Gottschalk, H. and Kahl, K.

    Preprint: imacm_20_08download
  • Pricing American Options with a Non-constant Penalty Parameter

    Clevenhaus, A. and Ehrhardt, M., and Günther, M. and Sevcovic, D.

    Preprint: imacm_20_07download
  • Dirac Particles in Transparent Quantum Graphs: Tunable transport of relativistic quasiparticles in branched structures

    Yusupov, J.R. and Sabirov, K.K. and Asadov, Q.U. and Ehrhardt, M. and Matrasulov, D.U.

    Preprint: imacm_20_06download
  • Approximating correlation matrices using stochastic Lie group methods

    Muniz, M., Ehrhardt, M., Günther, M.

    Preprint: imacm_20_05download
  • Hypervolume Scalarization for Shape Optimization to Improve Reliability and Cost of Ceramic Components

    Schultes, J. and Stiglmayr, M. and Klamroth, K., and Hahn, C.

    Preprint: imacm_20_04download
  • Towards a more robust algorithm for computing the restricted singular value decomposition

    Zwaan, I.N.

    Preprint: imacm_20_03download
  • GivEn – Shape Optimization for Gas Turbines in Volatile Energy Networks

    Backhaus, J. and Bolten, M. and Doganay, O.T., and Ehrhardt, M. and Engel, B. and Frey, Ch. and Gottschalk, H. and Günther, M. and Hahn, C., Jaschke, J., and Jaksch, P. and Klamroth, K. and Liefke, A. and Luft, D. Mäde, L. and Marciniak, V. and Reese, M. and Schultes, J. and Schulz, V. and Schmitz, S. and Steiner, J. and Stiglmayr, M.

    Preprint: imacm_20_02download
  • Effective Stochastic Volatility: Applications to ZABR-type Models

    Felpel, M., and Kienitz, J. and McWalter, Th. A.

    Preprint: imacm_20_01download
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